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Asfora – single socket outlet with side earth – 16A white

კოდი: 3606480526084


Schneider Electric Asfora socket-outlet EPH2900121 in white is a finished product with one outlet. This socket-outlet has a 2P + E outlet pole layout with a side earth. It has a rated current of 16A and a power range of 3680W. Screws or claws are used to secure the gadget. The width, height, and depth are 83 mm, 83 mm, and 42 mm, respectively, and the projecting depth is 10 mm. The flush installation option allows the box to be recessed into the surface. The surface finish is glossy, giving a room a rich air. It also has an IP20 rating of protection. This socket-outlet’s connection terminals are lift terminals. The socket-outlet is built of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene), ABS + PC, to ensure maximum resistance. This socket-outlet is quite robust due to its copper conductor composition. Furthermore, it met the requirements of IEC 60884-1. It also received TSE and VDE certification. This socket-outlet is also a green premium product because it is environmentally beneficial. And it is mercury-free, protecting the environment and your health at all times. Schneider electric Asfora items are comprised of high-quality materials that will not fade with time. The sleek, elegant style complements practically any interior.