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Sakcable Unveils New Products at the Energy Exhibition and Forum


On July 4-5, Sakcable participated in the international Energy Exhibition and Forum. Alongside its well-known cable and non-cable products, the company showcased several new cables. Visitors had the chance to receive detailed consultations on the showcased samples.

“The international exhibition is an ideal platform for exchanging information, presenting products, and establishing new partnerships. It was crucial for us to participate in the event, engage in B2B meetings with the potential and existing partners, and lay the foundation for future long-term cooperation.

We were pleased to see a significant interest in Sakcable’s products. We showcased up to 50 cable samples in high demand, including the Solar H1Z2Z2-K cable, which ensures reliable interconnection and long-term operation of solar panels. Additionally, we presented other cable and non-cable products required for the installation of solar power plants, which are increasingly in demand. Renewable energy consumers can now select the necessary types of cables, corrugated pipes, and Schneider Electric products within the Sakcable network.

At the exhibition, we also introduced a new innovative product to the visitors—the new armored NAYBY cable, exclusively produced by our company in Georgia.” – David Kapanadze, Managing Director of Sakcable.

During the energy exhibition and forum, Chathai Godel, the business development manager for Sakcable’s partner French brand Schneider Electric in the EVC and solar sector, discussed modern trends and essential components for solar power plants.

Sakcable’s “Solar” cable has been certified by the Czech “Electrotechnical Testing Institute,” confirming that our products meet European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection, facilitating free trade within the European market. One notable advantage of the “Solar” cable is the inclusion of an additive in the insulation material to protect against birds and rodents.

“Our country has significant potential for generating renewable energy, which plays a crucial role in Georgia’s energy security and green transition. We are proud that Sakcable, as the leading company in the country’s cable industry, can contribute to developing Georgia’s energy infrastructure and strengthening the Georgian economy. We will continue to actively support and implement initiatives that promote alternative renewable energy sources, aiming to enhance the country’s energy security and reduce dependency on imports,” said David Kapanadze.

Organized by the Renewable Energy Development Association of Georgia, the consulting company Invest In Network, and Expo Georgia, the “Georgian Energy Exhibition and Forum” brought together local and international companies, key players in the energy sector, experts, and financial organizations.

Sakcable has been a market leader for 66 years, offering its customers up to 2000 products related to both cables and electrification. One of the company’s priority areas is diversifying export markets and substituting imports within the Georgian economy. It is noteworthy that Sakcable products undergo thorough inspection in the factory’s accredited quality control laboratory before being delivered to customers, both locally and internationally.