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სხვა სიახლეები

Sakcable Begins Production of Armored NAYBY Cable


Sakcable, the leading company in Georgia’s cable industry, continues to innovate and expand its production line. The company has introduced a completely new product to the local market—armored cable.

Armored NAYBY cable is characterized by its durability. The double galvanized steel/aluminum armor used in the production process ensures the cable’s resilience in areas with high mechanical load, such as underground communications, tunnels, highways, and ducts.

Additionally, this type of cable is commonly used in infrastructure projects such as airports, railways, and highways, providing safe and reliable electricity distribution.

The NAYBY cable features an aluminum conductor, while its analogue, the NYBY cable, uses a copper conductor.

“We are proud that Sakcable is the first in the local market to offer armored NAYBY cable to customers. This cable represents a significant advancement in the country’s industrial capabilities. Produced with specialized machinery, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, in cable channels, concrete, and underground. The cable’s applications are extensive, whether for distributing electricity from substations to residential, commercial, and industrial areas, or for transmitting and storing electricity generated from renewable sources. By focusing on innovation and high quality, we continue to advance the cable industry with European standard products made in Georgia,” – says Davit Kapanadze, Managing Director of Sakcable.

About Sakcable: Sakcable has been operating in the Georgian market since 1958, offering approximately 2,000 products related to cable and electrification. A key priority for the company is diversifying export markets and substituting imports in the Georgian economy. Both locally and internationally, Sakcable products undergo detailed inspections in the factory’s accredited quality control laboratory before being sent to customers.