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”Sakcable” Expands Product Line with “Solar” Cable (H1Z2Z2-K)


“Sakcable” continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of its latest offering – the “Solar” cable (H1Z2Z2-K). Pioneering the production of cables in Georgia to European standards, the company proudly holds the relevant certification.

Crafted from fire-resistant, halogen-free, annealed copper, this cable demonstrates exceptional resilience to environmental challenges. From prolonged exposure to sunlight to harsh weather conditions, it adapts seamlessly, ensuring longevity with a minimum lifespan of 25 years and a working temperature range of 90-120°C.

Certified by the Czech “Electrotechnical Testing Institute”, the “Solar” cable meets stringent European standards for health, safety, and environmental protection, facilitating free trade across European markets.

“The global surge in renewable energy, particularly solar power, resonates in Georgia’s energy landscape. Anticipating this trend and the government’s aim to derive 35% of energy from renewable sources by 2030, “Sakcable” expands its offerings to include the “Solar” cable. This cable plays a pivotal role in bolstering network reliability and stability.

European experts collaborated in the production and testing phases, scrutinizing machinery, cable specifications, and raw materials. Notably, the “Solar” cable features Italian insulation material infused with an American additive to deter rodents, ensuring secure connections and enduring solar panel operation.

We showcased our product lineup, featuring the “Solar” cable, at the recent “Ampere” international exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic, generating significant interest. We take pride in the production of European standard products in Georgia, as it enables us to not only decrease reliance on imported “Solar” cables but also explore new export avenues and compete globally with industry leaders” – Davit Kapanadze, Managing Director of “Sakcable”.

In a commitment to sustainable practices, “Sakcable” has installed a 500 kW solar power plant atop its Zestafoni facility, meeting one-third of its annual energy needs. Through initiatives like net-metering, the company substantially reduces electricity costs, championing renewable energy to enhance national energy security and reduce import dependency.