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Do you know which electrical cable to use when renovating an apartment?


Electricity is an integral part of our life, without which life is unthinkable. With the help of electricity, we make life easier and more comfortable renovating mode. Apartment renovation is one of the most pleasant processes. However, when you are inexperienced, you face certain obstacles. A pre-made electrical plan is very useful when renovating an apartment. This helps you avoid unforeseen events and expenses.

Also, you can easily redistribute the arrangement of furniture, determine the number of power sources and lights. When installing electricity in the apartment, it is necessary to buy cables and other electrical items with the correct dimensions and high quality. In today's blog, I will tell you about power cables and electrical furniture, which will be useful for apartment renovation.

To connect electricity in the apartment, you should use installation cables: H05VVH2-F and H05VV-F.

It is used – for mobile and non-mobile installation in the lighting network, under the internal wiring. Also for connecting various household electrical appliances, where frequent bending of the wire is expected. You can use mounting cable H05VVH2-F 2*2.5 for sockets and switches and for lighting. In the kitchen, the same position with a 2*4 section.

In addition to these products, the necessary accessories for electrical wiring are: insulating tape, scope, frame, mounting and distribution box, switch cabinet and circuit breaker.

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