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Solar panels were installed in the Sakcable factory

solae panels

Solar panels were installed on the roofs of buildings in the territory of JSC Sakcable enterprise.

The company Helios Energy has installed a solar power plant with an installed capacity of 500 KW on the roofs of the buildings of JSC Sakcable . This project was commissioned on September 18, 2022 and entered into the net metering program.

The station’s generation is used directly in the production process. It replaces a share of energy imported from the grid. The energy obtained from the solar power plant covers 1/3 of the total annual consumption of the enterprise. Accordingly, the net-accounting program significantly reduces e-mail.  Annual energy costs. Tier 1 rating is used in the project. Hanwha Q Cells monocrystalline solar panels. This brand is one of the best panel manufacturers in the world. Huawei inverters are also used in the project.

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