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EPH3100323 – Asfora – single socket outlet with side earth – 16A lid, shutters IP44 cream

კოდი: 3606480526299


Schneider Electric Asfora socket-outlet EPH3100323 in color cream is a complete product with 1 outlet. The outlet pole configuration of this socket-outlet is 2P + E with shutters with side earth. Designed with a shutter and lid, this socket-outlet is dedicated to protect your safety, especially your children. And it’s rated current is 16A, whose power range is 3680W. The fixing mode of this device is screws or claws. 83 mm, 83 mm and 48 mm are the width, height and depth respectively, and its projecting depth is 17 mm. Flush mounting is supported so that its box can be recessed into the surface and unexposed. The surface finish is glossy, delivering a luxurious feel to a room. This socket-outlet reaches IP44 against solid objects and liquids. Its connection terminals are lift terminals. The socket-outlet is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene), ABS + PC, making it as resistant as possible. With conductor material of copper, this socket-outlet is quite resistant. The device satisfies the standard of IEC 60884-1 too. It obtained Aenor, TSE, VDE certificates as well.

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