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შნაიდერი ღილაკი - Schneider Electric

EPH0700121 Asfora – 1pole pushbutton – 10A screwless terminals, WHITE


Schneider Electric Asfora push-button switch EPH0700123 is a complete product in color cream with 1 rocker. The fixing mode of this device is screws or claws. And the rated current of this push-button is 10A, whose power range is 2300W. 83 mm, 83 mm, 43 mm is the dimension of this push-button, and its projecting depth is 15 mm.

Product or component typePush-button
device presentationComplete product
Colour tintCream
Colour tintCream
Type of packingFlow-pack
device mountingFlush
Number of rocker1
Power range2300 W
Rated current10 A at 250 V AC

Product Data Sheet – Schneider Electric