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Golden brand awarded Sakcable-For its contribution to the cable industry

ოქროს ბრენდმა საქკაბელის ჯილდო კომპანიის აღმასრულებელ დირექტორს გადასცა

Award ceremony on June 25, 2022 at Hualing Hotel & Prefences in Tbilisi was conducted. Awarding organized by Global Idea and The FINANCIAL The ceremony has been held annually since 2006. Organizers According to the statement, the popularity of different brands is revealed in advance As a result of surveys and studies, the main selection criteria There are creative solutions related to branding. This year, Sakcable in the spotlight of the organizers of business awards For company history, operations and industry promotion It was covered by implemented projects. This award belongs to each employee and the people who create a chain and the success of this company – declares the company Executive Director Davit Kapanadze.
Sakcable was established in 1958 with the main mission and objective to promote Georgia’s industrialization challenges of copper and aluminum Through manufacturing and distribution of cable products. The company has 74 types of power cables, more than 2000 international specifications Produces in compliance with quality and European standards. The company owns ISO 9001 quality mark and CE marking. The product meets European health and safety legislation Regarding compliance with environmental protection. The company owns legacy to free trade in the European market.
“Golden Brand” is supported by: Ministry of Economy of Georgia, The Financial, Georgian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, Association of Businessmen, International Chamber of Commerce, Tbilisi City Hall,
Georgia, Switzerland, Business Council and Women’s Industry Council in Georgia.

Sakcable Recognized for Outstanding Contribution to Development of Georgia’s Cable Industry

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