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შნაიდერი და საქკაბელი

Ongoing Project – TBC Head Office 

The weaving and installation process for the TBC head office building is being handled by Sakcable production. “Due to the large scale of the project, with the building consisting of four main sections, more than 20 types of cables were used. The project required licensed products of European standards, which Sakcable fully meets.”Schneider Electric” automatic […]

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Completed Project – “Paragraph Tbilisi” 

We are pleased to present another completed project – hotel “Paragraph Tbilisi”. The electrical installation work for the building was carried out by “Sakcable” production. “The hotel had stringent fire safety requirements, adhering to NFPA standards throughout the entire building.Therefore, we used highly fire-resistant and halogen-free cables for the wiring. For additional safety, the power

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