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Asfora – 2-way rotary Dimmer – RL, 40-600VA cream


Schneider Electric Asfora Dimmer EPH6400123 is a complete product in color cream, whose application is inductive load, ohmic load. This is a 1-pole 2-way dimmer. Its protection type is fuse protection, taking care of your safety as much as possible. And the dimmer’s associated fuse rating is 6.3. The device’s fixing mode is claws. 83 mm, 83 mm and 49 mm are the width, height and depth respectively, with a projecting depth of 20 mm. 
The conductor material of copper makes it more reliable. It obtained FIMKO, GOST, NEMKO, SEMKO, TSE, UKR, VDE certificates as well. Also, it has the quality label of CE.


Product or component typeDimmer
device presentationComplete product
Colour tintCream
Colour tintCream
Type of packingBox
device mountingFlush
Switch function1-pole 2-way
Dimmer Control Rotary push type
 rated operational voltage230 V AC 50 Hz
Number of cables2 cable(s) 2.5 mm²

Product Data Sheet